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Radiation Barrier, is dedicated to improving the quality and cost of cancer therapy so that patients, doctors, and insurers benefit from significantly reduced side effects and improved treatment outcomes.

Cancer Trends

In 2012, there were 14 million cases of cancer globally.  This number is expected to nearly double to 24 million by 2035, driven by a world population that is aging into higher cancer prevalence rates.


The growth in cancer cases will be a major financial burden on governments.  Today, the estimated global spend on cancer care is about $0.5 Trillion.  The cost of years lost from ill-health, disability, or death due to cancer outweighs all other health concerns

Cancer treatment typically involves the use of Chemotherapy and/or Radiotherapy as part of the treatment plan.  While these therapies are considered to be cost-effective, they often also have significant unwanted side effects – often serious enough that patients will underutilize these therapies due to quality of life concerns.  An estimated $40 Billion a year is spent globally in supportive care as a result of the side effects of cancer therapy.  In the US, this care averages $6,587 per cancer patient.

C.A.R.E. RadioImmunotherapy
C.A.R.E. RadioImmunotherapy is a patented and copyright protected protocol that significantly reduces the unwanted side effects of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy.  It has the potential to save a significant portion of supportive care costs, while at the same time significantly improving the quality of life for the approximately half of all cancer patients who have well-defined tumors and utilize chemo or radiation.




Pre-clinical and clinical research shows that C.A.R.E. RadioImmunotherapy offers 3 primary benefits:




Addressable Market

The addressable market for C.A.R.E. RadioImmunotherapy Cost-of-canceris estimated to be more than $11 Billion globally, growing at 6.2% CAGR, with the largest markets being Europe, East/Central Asia, and North America.  Radiation Barrier will address these markets by deploying C.A.R.E. RadioImmunotherapy clinics clustered near Chemo infusion centers and high-dose Radiotherapy facilities globally.

C.A.R.E. RadioImmunotherapy complements other cancer therapies because it acts directly at the cellular level to reduce cellular toxicity to healthy cells.

Achievements to Date:

  • Scientific discovery and protocol patented
  • Strong executive team formed
  • Peer reviewed pre-clinical validation completed
  • Scientific advisory board established
  • Clinical research process underway in an FDA/Helsinki/Kyoto approved hospital

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*2014 Economics of Cancer prevention study

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