Executive Team

Each member of the executive team has been impacted by the experience of caring for close family members who have undergone cancer treatment. This created a shared vision and commitment to improving the quality and cost of cancer care, while at the same time reducing the unwanted side effects of cancer treatment.

Founding Partners

Dr. Richard Blankenbecler

Dr. Blankenbecler is the Co-Founder of BioGenome Therapeutics, LLC.  He is a world-renown Theoretical Physicist with more than 50 years of research and teaching experience.

As a professor of Theoretical Physics at Stanford University’s SLAC National Laboratory, Dick spearheaded research with nuclear accelerators and medical physics. Prior to joining Stanford, he was a tenured Physics professor at Princeton University.

Dick is an innovator who was on the team that installed the first World Wide Web site in the US (and the third in the world) at the Stanford Linear Accelerator. Additionally, he has made significant contributions to the medical community as the developer of algorithms and software that compare protein structures, which are utilized by pharmaceutical companies to bring products to market more quickly and cost effectively.

As the Head Scientist at LightPath, a startup company that developed gradient index optical material for optical applications, he drove scientific achievements that contributed to a successful IPO.

Dick holds a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from Stanford University as well as honorary titles at Churchill College, Cambridge, the University of Paris, Nevada Cancer Institute, Virginia Tech, and Miami University.

Dick is listed as the inventor or co-inventor on more than a dozen patents, including the CARE Pre-Dose Therapy™ patent. Additionally, Dick has been honored as the recipient of fellowships from a multitude of organizations including the National Science Foundation, Sloan Foundation, and American Physical Society.

Colin Donahoe

Colin is the Co-Founder of BioGenome Therapeutics, LLC. He has more than 20 years of experience in all levels of strategic planning, operations, and market development.

Colin’s expertise has led to the successful launch of more than one hundred products, brands, and product lines in his career.  As part of the executive team at Epson America, Colin has led teams of 20 to 70 people, managed P&L’s from $30M to $700M, budgets of more than $120M, and product portfolios in excess of 500 SKUs.  He is geographically experienced in Latin America, Europe, Asia, and North America.

Prior to joining Epson, Colin was a management consultant at LEK Consulting, where he managed M&A and strategy engagements in the technology industry.  Colin also has a background in radiation worker protection from his time at Science Applications International Corporation, where he performed safety assessments of nuclear facilities.

Colin’s entrepreneurial experience includes running a successful business incubator within Epson, where he raised over $8M in capital and launched three businesses.  He has also invested and advised several successful technology startups over the last 10 years.

Colin holds a B.S. degree in Engineering Science (Cum Laude) from U.C. San Diego and an MBA from UCLA’s Anderson Graduate School of Management.  He is a published author and patent holder.

Linda Ritchie

Linda is BioGenome Therapeutics’s CEO.  As a co-founder of the first Lotus Innovations Private Equity fund, she set a stellar track record of acquiring, transforming, and exiting technology companies with results that beat the S&P 500 index in 2015 by a factor of 5.

A serial entrepreneur, Ms. Ritchie has a track record of success at several early stage technology and healthcare-related ventures, including Next Pharmaceuticals, and Gemstar/TV Guide (VCR Plus+), a global media and technology company that was valued at close to $3 Billion before being acquired by Rovi in 2009.  As a corporate strategy, marketing and online expert with over 20 years of experience, Linda has dramatically increased market share, built solid brands, and launched high tech products for global corporations.

Since her exit in 2003 from Epson America where she launched new markets and co-founded the eCommerce division, Ms. Ritchie has been the President & CEO of Gateway Capital, LLC, a strategic business consulting and investment firm that focuses on business solutions for Fortune 1000 clients such as Epson America, Toshiba and D-Link, as well as investments in technology startups.

Additionally, Ms. Ritchie is the former CEO (and current board member) of MPowering Kids, an after-school program for underserved, yet promising students. The non-profit is in its 14th year of considerable success in helping children (and their families) change their lives through education and community service.

Linda is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where she studied for both her Bachelors and Masters degrees in Business Administration.

Scientific Team

Sanjay Singh, PhD

Radiation Biologist, Neuroscientist, Neurocardiologist

Sanjay Singh is our Co-Primary Investigator leading our scientific and genomic research efforts. A well-published scientist and author, Mr. Singh is associated with the Hines VA Hospital in the Radiation Oncology Department and Loyola University.

Mr. Singh is the Director of Cardiovascular Collaborative (CVC) at the Hines VA Hospital and a former Medical School Faculty member in Neuroscience at Loyola University and a Director of the Biology Department at East-West University.

James Welsh, M.D.

Radiation Oncologist

Dr. Welsh is a world-renown Radiation Oncologist, Cancer Researcher and well-published author in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Jim is BioGenome Therapeutics’ Primary Investigator for clinical trials and other research.

Jim brings enormous experience and energy to BioGenome Therapeutics. He is the Chief of Radiation Oncology at the Hines VA Hospital, a Professor, Director of Translational & Clinical Research at Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine, and Chairman of the Board, American College of Radiation Oncology. In his spare time, Jim is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Radiation Oncology

Stanley Borowicz


Stan is an Oncologist at the Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital in the Hematology and Oncology Division, with a strong research background.

As an Assistant Professor in the Hematology and Oncology Division at both the Hines VA Hospital and Loyola University, Stan is at the forefront of the science and application of Oncology.

Executive Team

Keith Schorsch

Chief Strategy Officer

Keith is a proven global technology executive, visionary, and pioneer with the rare ability to envision, build, and scale groundbreaking technology ventures in health and life sciences.

As the Chief business executive for the Global Good Fund, whose aim is to harness advances in science and technology to improve and save lives in developing countries, Keith developed commercialization and deployment strategies and hired field and commercialization teams for multiple inventions, advancing key technology research projects to field and market testing, such as the vaccine ‘super-thermos’.

Prior to joining the Global Good Fund,  Keith founded Trusera.com, one of the world’s first online health network and social media platforms to connect people to relevant and useful first-hand health experiences to industry acclaim among Health 2.0 leaders and health industry analysts.

As one of the early employees at Amazon, Keith was the General Manager of Worldwide Retail, E –Commerce Platforms.  In this role, he created, built, and launched five new core businesses that were foundational for Amazon’s development into a multi-product retailer that now represent tens of billions in annual sales.

Keith has been actively involved in Cancer Research for 15 years through his work as a Board Trustee and Strategic Advisor to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Seattle Children’s Hospital and Research Foundation. He is a graduate of Harvard University for both his undergraduate and MBA degrees.

Carol Levey

Carol Levey

VP, Programs & Community Relations

Carol brings a unique and valuable skill set to BioGenome Therapeutics.  As a national strategist, policy maker and research advocate for disease foundations such as ALS and Arthritis, Carol developed advocacy, grant and communications programs for national disease-related organizations, gaining support for first-ever Senate sub-committee hearings and legislation approved for research funding in the areas of ALS, Arthritis and early detection for Heart Disease.    

As an expert in strategic brand development and implementation, Carol has successfully leveraged start-up products and services with focused marketing spotlight to build revenue, credibility and branding.  Her expertise also extends to building awareness and national news exposure, media relations, and social entrepreneurship.

Carol continues to be actively involved in many philanthropic causes, including The ALS Association, HealGrief, The Heart Foundation, and the Arthritis Foundation.

Carol received her BSBA in Marketing from the University of Arizona, Eller College of Management, and continued her MBA studies at Arizona State University. In addition, she studied International Business Management and received her certificate of Operations Management at St. Gallen University, Zurich, Switzerland.

Dr. Kaitlyn Moore

Chief Science Officer

Dr. Kaitlyn Moore recently joined BioGenome Therapeutics as Chief Scientific Officer. She leads the scientific development of the company and oversees data acquisition, analysis, and validation. Katie brings an extensive background in “omics” level biology and assay development to the BioGenome Therapeutics team.

Most recently, Dr. Moore headed a team building custom targeted DNA sequencing assays at ArcherDX, Inc. She was responsible for translating customer needs into functional final assays, and developed a deep understanding of both the laboratory and bioinformatic aspects of DNA sequencing.

Prior to her work in genomics, Katie studied proteomics at Stanford University. At Stanford, Katie developed a methodology that enabled proteomic studies of lysine methylation, providing an understanding of the scope of methylation as a cellular signaling paradigm.

Dr. Moore has additional scientific expertise in pre-mRNA splicing, which she studied both at Harvard Medical School and at the University of Buenos Aires. Katie has a bachelor’s degree in Chemical and Physical Biology, summa cum laude, from Harvard University and a doctorate in Chemical and Systems Biology from Stanford University

Strategic Partners

Frank Melendez

Frank is BioGenome Therapeutics’s Strategic Partner for Clinical Trials.  He is the inventor of several patented medical devices and is an expert in pre-clinical validation, human clinical trials, regulatory compliance, and R&D.

With a successful background in medical device (Class II) inventions and patents, Frank has brought medical technology to market through the development and regulatory process, global IP, clinical trials, commercialization and globalization in 18 countries.  

As the inventor of Hemor-rite cryotherapy medical device, Frank reached sales of $18 million before exiting the company in 2015.  Since that exit Frank has lent his skills as the co-inventor and product launch expert to another medical device company,  Xytotest which has completed all regulatory and clinical trials and has officially launched their cervical cancer test product.

Frank holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from LaSalle University, a Master’s degree in Marketing from Javeriana Pontifical University, and a Master’s degree in Engineering Business Management from the University of Warwick – UK.

Liliana Montes Correa

Liliana is BioGenome Therapeutics’s Strategic Partner for Clinical Trials.  She is the inventor of a patented medical device and is an expert in product development, global logistics, pre-clinical validation, human clinical trials and product launches.

As the CEO of Mel-Mont Medical, and co-inventor of Xytotest, a medical device Class II product to test for cervical cancer, Liliana has utilized her worldwide experience in the development, manufacturing, regulatory compliance, pre-clinical validation, global logistics and product launch to bring this product to market. Xytotest has completed all regulatory and clinical trials and has officially launched their cervical cancer test product.

In 2013, Liliana co-founded New Castle Medical Distributors, LLC which offers quality management and global logistics consulting.  Prior to that, Liliana held senior positions at Bio-D Systems, working on the biological technology for the final disposition of regulated liquid waste and was the Director of Quality Management Systems, a 900-store pharmacy chain in Columbia.

Liliana holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and is ISO 9001 Certified from Javeriana Pontifical University.  Her Master’s degree in Engineering Business Management is from the University of Warwick – UK.

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